Diary of a Freelance Artist – July 2023

Diary of a Freelance Artist – July 2023

This month has been a quieter one for me, unlike my June it hasn’t been filled with concerts and London trips. It has however given me more time to work on my businesses and plan my next steps. Getting organised being the big theme of the month. 

So, here’s some quick bullet points into what that entailed for me:

  • I’ve been doing lots of business planning, especially thanks to the generosity of a close friend of mine. He’s a professional business consultant and has very kindly taken the time to give me some guidance and help with my next steps – I’m so so grateful. 
  • As for freelance stuff I’ve been working on myself,  I’ve been making plans to improve my blog. I intend to write regularly and on a schedule and, expand what I’m writing about. Still within my work and interest, including freelancing, the art I sell, Memory Holmes and set design. So stick around for that
  • I finally completed a large commission piece – it was challenging but I really loved painting this one. Read about it in detail here. 
  • Since completing that piece, artistically I’ve been focused on creating pieces to be sold at Art on the Prom on September 3rd. Including these cute handpainted butterfly postcards. 

  • I’m officially in my Library era. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been in a library because I love buying and hoarding books but I decided I want to read more and save myself some money too. So, I got a brand new library card – see below my first little haul, mostly business oriented with a little bit of fun. This is also such a cute way to spend a few hours with a friend (or solo) so would definitely recommend it. 

  • Lastly, I started looking for some part-time work to support me through some of the quieter times with my freelance work. This is something I wanted to do to mainly release some of the pressure so I can focus on quality over turn-around speed for my freelance work. (Update – I have since got one which is a nice relief)

And, here are a few more fun things:

  • In the greatest news ever my friends secured me an Eras Tour ticket – see you next June Tay Tay!!!
  • Pub trips and BBQs – the stuff that keeps us sane. It gets increasingly difficult to keep up with all our friends as we get older so I’m very glad I had the chance to see so many this month.
  • My two favourite directors had films in the cinema this month so cinema trips were a must!
    • Early in the month, I saw Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City. This film was quintessential Wes Anderson – so beautiful, so fun, and incredibly unique. 
    • And of course, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. This is such an incredible film, filled with so much humour, love, heartache, and (of course) pink!

As mentioned above, I’ve been working on improving my blog and expanding into talking about set design and these two films have exceptionally good set designs so I will definitely be writing about these eventually – but for now, here is my first ‘set picks’ post. 

I hope you had a beautiful July ★

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