Diary of a Freelance Artist – June 2023

Diary of a Freelance Artist – June 2023

I’ve been umming and ahhing about whether to talk about this kind of thing on my blog or whether I should write about the things I get up to outside of my work because this is primarily a website about my art and work. But, the truth is, my work and life intertwine as a freelance artist. The events I go to and my hobbies and interests are very often huge sources of inspiration for the things I create. I mean just looking at the Art Prints in my store right now, of the 4 available half are inspired by one of my favourite films and the other half are illustrations of places I’ve come across while travelling or on days out. 

So, yes, expect a lot more blog stuff about my life outside of my artwork. 

June was a particularly epic month for me, starting particularly strong on the 1st by attending Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour. Naturally, the day was spent getting glammed up for the occasion. I love that for concerts there is always an unspoken dress code – for Beyonce that is black and silver. We had standing tickets so we were so close, unfortunately I was stuck behind 3 6-foot-something guys but I didn’t let that ruin my night. She was amazing, of course! The whole show blew me away and I had such a fun night dancing and singing at the top of my lungs.

This also meant I got to spend a few days in London with a bestie I haven’t seen in far too long, which was beautiful. I also got a solo trip to the Tate Modern, so here’s a quick look at that. 

In the second week of the month, Harriet and I released our Art Prints for sale for the first time ever for Memory Holmes. This was such a big deal for us because we’ve been working on this for a very long time. So, to have people actually want to purchase our art felt very special. We’ve since released postcards of our art and have a lot of other exciting stuff in the works. 

To celebrate I had a couple of trips to the cinema. I watched ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse’. They were both incredible and beautiful films which I’m so glad I experienced in the cinema. I loved ‘The Little Mermaid’ so much that I went to see it for a second time. 

In week 3 of June, I went to Harry Styles’ Love on Tour. It was one of the best nights of my life for sure. The whole experience was filled with so much joy and love, even before the concert had started. Harry was truly incredible. Wet Leg were so much fun. The crowd was so joyful. I’m currently dreaming of being in Italy to attend the final show of the tour. 

This also came with another few lovely days in London with an amazing friend I haven’t seen in ages, the highlight being a picnic in the park.

The final few weeks were quieter. I took time to relax and catch up on life stuff. I had celebrations for my Mum’s and Brother’s birthdays, and boring appointment stuff like MOTs and opticians. And, I promise I did do lots of art and admin work amongst all that. It was just mostly taken over by these big occasions. Here are a few sneak peeks at some of the stuff I’ve been working on.

I feel very grateful for such an incredible month! ★

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