Introducing Memory Holmes

Introducing Memory Holmes

This website and the shop and commissions that come with it are just a part of my creative ventures. I also make up one-half of Memory Holmes, an independent art shop with a focus on sustainability which I founded with one of my best friends, Harriet Memory. 

Here’s a little bit about us…

By fusing together our love for nature and bold colours, a creative collaboration has formed. We design pieces that bring vibrancy and fun to any room, creating beautiful products for you and your home interiors.

We are conscious of our footprint and the environmental issues that are facing us today, therefore the materials we choose to work with are sustainable and we are always transparent about how they are made.

Our first project is a collection inspired by nature, where we hope to spread awareness and remind those of the beauty of the natural world. 
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It is such a joy working with someone that I not only have such a special friendship and closeness with but also someone who is so creative, talented and ambitious. We are each so passionate about this company and the art we create, so each and every like, kind word of support, or purchase means so much to us.

We are currently selling art prints of our ‘Inspired by Nature’ collection in our store and will be expanding it with more products very very soon! You can find our shop here:

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